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Wiggly Chase - Cat Toy

Wiggly Chase - Cat Toy

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Recommended for cats of all ages these balls help keep them happy and healthy with the necessary enrichment indoor cats need!

"Ping" Shake Balls: These small plastic balls are easily batted across slick surfaces. They rattle as they roll and the corkscrew tail movement mimics live prey as it shoots across the room. Innovative and unique, they are FUN for cats of all ages. 

Bouncy Balls: These FUN and AMAZING balls bounce really high and have tails that wiggle like it's alive. Interesting and unique. colorful and handcrafted, Wiggly Balls help keep cats active, engaged, and entertained. Cats love to chase, run, pounce, catch and fetch these IRRESISTIBLE balls.

1 inch plastic ball with 5 - 7 inch polyester tail. Handcrafted in the USA.

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