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Loblolly Pinecone Puzzle Toy

Loblolly Pinecone Puzzle Toy

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Dogs have been playing with pinecones for thousands of years, and this one is perfect to bring into the home, campsite, or a nice spot by the lake. The Loblolly Pinecone is a durable, interactive dog toy with lots of nooks to keep your dog curious and engaged.

Designed in the wild, the Pinecone Dog Toy brings nature together with enrichment (and actually looks good lying on your living room floor).

  • Dispenses kibble and hides treats
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
  • Freezer-friendly for enrichment on warm, summer days
  • Infused with peppermint

The Loblolly Pinecone dog toy is made of a durable, flexible TPE material that is food-grade safe, non-toxic, and BPA & phthalate-free. Its size measures 4.5"x3". This toy is rated for moderate chewers and is not recommended for puppies.

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