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How to Be A Small Biz Boss

How to Be A Small Biz Boss

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I opened Boho + Bark in September of 2019 and haven't looked back since. In just over a year, we've grown our Instagram from 0 to 30,000+ followers and have sold over 3,000 orders. Most importantly (to me), however, is the fact that I was able to go full-time in May of 2020.

I have people DM us every day with questions regarding their own entrepreneurial journeys, and decided that my resources would be better spent developing a short course for any current or soon to be, small business owners. Everyone deserves a shot at chasing their dreams, and my hope is that this course will get you started. 

My goal for you over these next 34 pages is to: identify your dream, map out how you're going to execute it, and above all else get excited for what you're about to accomplish!

Whether you're selling ceramic earrings, macrame art, or accessories: I promise that you'll take something away from this guide.

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