"We smell love in the air! Or is that treatos? I dunno! But it sure smells good, and I want to look my best on the BIG DAY" - Willow

Happy Valentines Day furiends! We thought we would celebrate this day of love with a bandana, which is made entirley of love. (And also cotton!) This colorful, watercolor pattern is addorned with hearts, foligate, and all things vday. The doggos won't know what hit them when your pooch struts their stuff in this floral beauty. They'll all be barkin "Be mine, babyyy!"

All of the bandanas in our "Artisanal" collection are sewn with fabric that is sourced from small business designers across the US. These fabrics are also made with water-based inks and dyes, which produce little to no waste, making these bandanas both eco friendly and small business supportivie. They truly hold a special place in our hearts.

Every bandana is a triangle shape that features our Boho + Bark label, and is made with 100% cotton.