Custom Bandana


Please read the entire description.

Is there a specific pattern you've always wanted? A sport, a color, a random theme that you want to bring to life. Or maybe you need an extra-large size for your pup?

I've decided to start selling custom bandanas so that I can bring all of your visions to life. I can sew any size bandana, in any print your heart desires. I will send you a catalog to browse from that has tens of thousands of designs. It's easily searchable, so you can find exactly what you're looking for. 

Football? Sure! Smiley faces- I can do that. Camping, ballet, military, tropical. Any theme, we can make it happen. 

The price breaks down as follows:

  • $30 for a custom sewn 'dana + $19.99 for custom fabric = $49.99

Matching scrunchies can be sewn with the remains.

Once purchased, I will email you the catalog to browse and a Google form to fill out. From there, you can browse designs (the fun part), and then I'll order your custom fabric! 

Bandana may take 3 weeks to receive. The fabric needs to be picked, printed, shipped to me, sewn, and then shipped to you. 

Only 10 custom bandanas available per week.