Mr. Minimal Waste Pouch


Waste pouches designed in your favorite patterns. We've taken Boho + Barks classic prints and turned them into a waste-pouch I know you'll love. Designed a bit differently, these pouches feature what I call a "tissue" style design. The poop bags that you insert into the bag are pulled from the bag as you would a tissue from its box. They're inserted through the lip of the fabric, and not in the classic "zip" style that many brands carry. 

We decided to carry this style for many reasons. However, the number one being that you no longer have to worry about pulling "too much" bag out. I'm always aggravated after I pull out more than one bag, and end up desperately trying to shove the unused bag back into the pouch. With this style, since the bag is not pulled through a small hole- and instead, is tugged in full from the large flap, it is much easier to tuck the excess bag back into the pouch. It is also easier to see the tear line, as the bag is not scrunched.

These pouches feature rose-gold hardware that allows for a 360° turn. A "leash ring" is available for purchase separately.