Paw Balm


Willow suffers from extremely dry paws. From running on hot pavement, daily walks, aggressive licking, and a number of other factors, her paws pay the price.

Could your dog's paws use a little extra love? Are they dry, cracked, or irritated?

Paw Balm is an all-natural ointment that heals and moisturizes the pads of our pup's paws. (Say that 3x fast!) It's similar to lotion for humans, but Paw Balm goes one step further by adding a layer of protection. Meaning it's great for pre and post play!

 Made from natural and organic ingredients, our Paw Balm is 100% lick safe, so you never have to worry about your babe ingesting anything they shouldn't.

 It's poured in a push-up tube and designed for easy application; just push and roll! The days of using our fingers to scoop out of a jar are behind us. Additionally, our Balm is packaged in 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly material, which means you're leaving one less carbon paw-print behind.

Paw Balm is 2oz.